Lit Weddings with Mike Moon


Wedding Photography that looks like a movie

Your wedding day story is unique, with lots of moving parts. At Lit Weddings we tell that story, underpromising and overdelivering with photos and videos that look cinematic.
Not every bride is an actor or model, so we provide great direction — Starting with artistic poses that lead to naturally-authentic moments, full of emotion and hidden glances. You’ll feel more confident because of our experience, professionalism and unparalleled technical and artistic skills.

Andrew Koplinski

Andrew is our primary photographer and Mike’s apprentice of many years. He’s a passionate human, soft spoken, who enjoys hiking in the North Georgia Mountains, traveling and photographing the stars (both literally via astrophotography and figuratively as a movie stills photographer).

Andrew enjoys challenging himself to capture light differently by looking at subjects from various angles to improve his work. Andrew’s passion in life is to teach others about photography, light, and how the two interact with one another.

He learned wedding photography under Mike, after spending five years in the wedding industry where he worked more than 220 full weddings as an events and operations manager. Needless to say, he knows wedding day schedules inside and out and is super confident and chill on the big day.

Andrew Koplinski

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